Our activities

Here is a list of our activities.

Organisation of Cosplay contests and catwalks

Manage and organisation of your cosplay events:
  • Presentation can be held in 3 languages (French, Dutch and English)
  • Choosing of qualified judges
  • Managing of the subscriptions
  • Dressingsrooms
  • Award ceremony
  • Organise the parade of your event
  • Organisation of “100% cosplay” stage
  • Organise of cosplay dance compo
  • NEW : Children animation ( kids make-up, braids, craftscorner,…)
  • … and much much more !

Cosplay Workshops

  • Workshops for beginner cosplayers and amateurs: Creating Armor, accesories, sewing 101 and basic patterns, working with Fimo,…

Animation in costume

  • Animation for social and cultural events with themes such as Manga, Cartoons and Asian culture
  • Promote the opening of your store

Various games :

  • Manga quizz
  • Blind Test
  • True or flase

Other :

  • Cospicnic: Cosplay picnick
Do you need help with the organisation of your event or party? Contact us here!
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