What is Atsusacon?

On other Belgian conventions the dealers and the merchandise stand in the center of attention. But with Atsusacon we focus more on the events and the program of our festival. You can take part in a varied range of activities during the whole weekend. This includes ex: lectures, workshops, competitions, demonstrations, videoscreenings and games

What makes Atsusacon unique in Belgium?

To start, we specialize ourselves in Japanese culture and media. Think about anime, manga and cosplay, but also about drama’s, j-music, games and traditional Japanese culture. We also focus more on the Dutch and English market. Besides this, Atsusacon is also organized by a non-profit organisation. We organize events for fans, by fans.
Atsusacon came into existence because there wasn’t a similar event like this in Belgium, unlike many other countries. We hope to bring an unique experience, that you can’t find anywhere else in Belgium.