FACTS FALL Contest Subscriptions

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FACTS Fall Contest Inscriptions (EN)

Welcome to the subscription page of the FACTS FALL costume contest which will be held at Flanders Expo (Ghent) on the 24th-25th of October. It’s not possible to subscribe for the contest at the event itself.

Important information

  • There will be only a costume contest, no cosplay competition. This means 100% of the points will be on the costume.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandamic our rules have changed and we have added additional COVID-19 safety measures. Please read them very carefully. Each participant that fails to comply with the guidelines of this competition and the corona safety measures can be immediately disqualified.

  • The way of prejudging has also changed for safety reasons. It will be done with the help of a booklet you need to provide in this form. Please refer to our costume contest rules (article 10) and safety measures we take for you.

  • Incomplete forms will be rejected. All files should have the following naming convention: Name-Firstname-Character-Serie (eg. Janssens-Piet-Ichigo-Bleach).

Part 1 of 3: General information

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