Bringing the stars to you

FACTS also allows you to ask questions to international stars during Q&A panels, or coax them into giving you a signature or a selfie. Amazing actors of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and many more awesome series and movies are coming to FACTS to meet you. We always have the most legendary artists coming over to sign your favourite comics, like Tony Moore (The Walking Dead), Don Rosa (Donald Duck), and many more. Your heroes are always ready for you at FACTS. To see which stars have graced us with their presence in the past editions, visit our archive.
On one day or one weekend, you will have multiple once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our mix will give you a total sensation you just cannot miss. But if you don’t believe us, just ask our fans:
“Roses are black, daisies are evil and Violets smell like poo, I’ll be present at FACTS anyway, and so should you!” (Steven Pitteman)
“FACTS is not just a convention, it’s another dimension!” (Dirk Moeyersoon)
“Can’t wait to be there! It’s definitely the best European Comic Con!” (Philippe Ricquier)

FACTS, Your Belgian Comic Con.

Grab your chance to represent Belgium at the ECG and C4 finals !

Try your luck:
C4 preliminaries at FACTS
ECG preliminaries at FACTS SPRING

"With us, you’re never a geek, always a specialist.
With us, you’re never a nerd, always a bon vivant.
With us, you’re never a freak, always a companion."

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