Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup (C4)

The most relaxed international cosplay event currently organized in Europe, with a main prize of a trip to Japan for the winning team with all taxes, hotel and Japan Rail Pass covered!

We want to organize an event that is more focused on the PLAY side of cosplay, with a 60% judgement on play and a 40% judgement on costume. Aside from this, all official animated, comic (East or West) and game characters can enter the competition. This is a bit different from the existing events where the focus is more towards costumes and Orientally-based characters only. Please note that NO FAN ART characters can enter the competition. Only comic, cartoon and game characters, east or west can take part. So manga, comic, or even European characters are fine. Live action is not.

You can try the Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup preliminaries with us at FACTS!

Clara Cow's Cosplay CupFACTS